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Thursday, April 27, 2006

JFC Skinny Socks

Well they are completely finished, after a marathon last night and some finishing up this morning before work. Here are pictures of the model trying them on...and after a full day of "man jobs", he has reported that they were up to the task of keeping his feet warm and comfortable. I am going to write up the pattern this weekend (well hopefully...knowing me I will get distracted with knitting something else..but i will try my darndest) and post it as a free pattern on the blog. so keep your eyes peeled :) i also plan to start a female version (which will be in a bigger size as my legs are not nearly as skinny as JFC...) and with hopefully a fun stitch pattern. In the meantime I also started a fun cropped sweater (its not as bad as it sounds..i hope) that I found in vogue...although i don't think i have enough yarn to finish...i will just do as much as i can and order more yarn from the states or something. I also bought yarn today to make a teapot cozy (which i had intended to make about a year a go, the whole reason i bought the snb books..heheh...i am very distractable). which i would take a picture of, but i thought all of the good ones i got of JFC and the socks were plenty for a days blog. I think that about sums up the updates...i am really looking forward to a michigan style saturday tomorrow as we will be watching the nba playoffs on tv and i even made my moms macaroni and cheese recipe...now if only my dad were here with his spaghetti sauce (sans meat) and some heinekens....and maybe my little sister so she can tell me all the players i don't know...

Well i will try to enhance the number of posts...things have been busy with the "job" and all, and i hate posting when i don't have anything finished...but I will try harder...and hopefully have something funny to write about as well. (sorry guys...this one wasn't my best)...although i did save the best for last:


At 12:00 AM, Blogger saskia said...

They are great! If you finish the pattern, I'll definatly take it off you to make boyfriend-dear a pair. (he has skinny leggs too, although he'll get very defensive if you tell him, because he thinks they're very muscular) ;-)
No need to be funny all the time or stress yourself to post...there's a life outthere that needs to be lived too. (although I have to admit I drop by almost every other day to see your work and read about your adventures)
This comment is getting to be an e-mail, it's a bit long... ok, so, bye!

At 11:09 PM, Blogger Rachael said...

Those socks look great with the 'Bombay Bloomers'!!!

At 6:43 PM, Blogger Uncle Jim said...

Nice JFC....nice!!! Andrea's just about done with the training I see!!!

At 8:25 AM, Blogger BlissxStitches said...

fabulous sox! I don't suppose you have a pattern for knitting a poncho, do you?


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