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Tuesday, October 14, 2008


So I've been on a total pumpkin kick lately. Maybe its me wishing it was fall, even though thats a season we lack down here in the South.   Maybe its all the pumpkin displays at all the markets around here...or maybe I just really like pumpkin. 

Anyways, these are what I've been working on to get ready for our Halloween Bake Sale! Mini Pumpkin Donuts with a Spiced Glaze! These are the most adorable things in the world, I pictured it with the teaspoon measure to show you just how small they are!

Added bonus, I tweaked VeganYumYum's recipe, and the first attempt at the new, fall inspired recipe, was a success! I made a dozen and they were gone by the end of day, slowing disappearing from the kitchen one by one.

Now here is something you would never expect to find pumpkin in:

Spaghetti Sauce! Both Aly & I suffer from carpal tunnel, and mine has been especially aggravated lately (considering all of my hobbies/work involve the use of my hands...knitting, baking, cooking, drawing, embroidery...). Anyways, I am hoping to help the situation by reducing our use of nightshades, especially now that tomato season is over for us. Eggplant & potatoes are usually not an issue for us, since we don't really like either. And the only time we ever use peppers are jalapenos in salsa. But tomatoes...we love tomatoes. In salsa, sauces, soups, & on sandwiches & salads. I even put tomato in our macaroni hates cheese. So when Aly wanted lasagna yesterday, what was I to do? I finally made the Mama Mia sauce I learned in my 2nd week of school! (Yes, it took me about 10 months to finally make it). This is a sauce made up of onion, carrot, parsnip and, you guessed it!, pumpkin (i.e. winter squash...butternut, kabocha, ect.) After pressure cooking the veggies with some water, you use them as though they were a can of crushed/pureed tomatoes! Just saute some onion & garlic with some italian spices, and then add in your veggies. Now the kicker: you grate in some beet to turn it red! 

Now I had even told my little sister that I was going to make spaghetti sauce without tomatoes, but when she got home she looked at the lasagna..."ohh...so you decided to just use tomatoes?" No ma'am! I have to say it turned out just as delicious as it was beautiful. And I have enough left over to make pizza later this week!

**Not pictured in this post are pumpkin pancakes & pumpkin scones & pumpkin soup! I told you...I'm on a pumpkin kick!


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