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Friday, October 03, 2008

No Really...It has been a bloody awful day

Hello my friends near and far, 

Its been a few weeks since I lasted posted...a rough few weeks. I have tried to post a few times (there are multiple drafts still waiting to be finished)...but words have been escaping me. I flew home to Michigan for a week to spend time with my Grandpa who shortly after we arrived passed away. I am still not really ready to talk about it but I have to say that the best gift in the world was being able to see him again before he passed. If you would like to read about him please visit my Dad's blog for 2 beautifully written posts

After feeling pretty numb and lost for a week I was (rather abrasively) shaken back to reality with this voicemail left on my phone Tuesday afternoon (about an hour after coming home from work.) 

"Hey Andrea, this is Lizzie from Toy Joy. Today we officially acquired Toy Joy and Dhaba Joy. I am just calling to let you know not to show up for your shift tomorrow as you are no longer employed."

Yup. I just lost my job. Without even an hours notice. This woman who called had waved me goodbye as I left at the end of my shift, telling me to have a nice evening. Only to leave a message on my voicemail (thats right folks...it seems I did not even deserve the respect of being told this to my face, by my actual boss who has since gone out of town, conveniently.) It seems that increasing their sales by thousand of dollars every month, developing new recipes, and working my ass off just wasn't enough to warrant a little advance notice so I could try to prepare. 

As of right now the new owners will be reopening the cafe, and some are "REALLY excited" about what has happened and a few of the dhaba staff may stay on to sell some vegan candy and coffee. I wish them and the new owners the best, as I understand what they are trying to do...but for myself and the rest of us not able to return...this sucks.

Now as I dread my tuition payment due in 2 weeks I sit here shell-shocked, not sure what I am suppose to do. My best friend who I moved to Austin with, and who initially I was trying to open and independent business with moved away to DC yesterday. I have to say...I'm glum. Sad. Betrayed. Grief-stricken. Poopy.

But there is a little light shining. I go to the most amazing culinary school ever...one that focuses on veganism, macrobiotics, and taking caring of yourself, others and the world. I live in a home filled with love and support, from Aly, Katie Rose, Roxie, Ara, and Meow (RIP Fatty). And my beautiful and talented baking partner, Kathryn Mueller, and myself are going to try to keep the baked vegan love coming. Independently, the best we can. Even (in her words) if we have to sell it in our front yards! 

And now with this little bit of extra free time coming my way, I will be finishing my cookbook hopefully by the end of the weekend, along with many more Etsy items to keep you warm & snuggly as the colder months approach. 


At 9:06 PM, Blogger jessibot said...

wow. this is freakin awful. so sorry about all this dhaba joy drama. and that you had to hear it in a voicemail. disgusting.

just know that the vegan community supports you, and you can pay that tuition one cupcake at a time! let us know when and where and we'll be at your bakesales!

At 10:12 AM, Anonymous Doug Alchin said...

Better days ahead, Anj. You are resourceful, confident and a total baddass.
Keep your eye on where you want to be, it will come closer day by day.
This little snafu is what we call "temporary light affliction" and the truth always begins with the words, '...and it came to pass". It never says '...and it came to stay" except in stories about bad in-laws...


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