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Saturday, September 06, 2008

It's been a bloody stupid day

Actually it hasn't at all...thats from a song, and I just wanted to say it.
But now to get serious...lets talk about peekers. I can't stand peekers. One peeker inparticular really grinds my gears. There is a man that peaks his little head over the counter and around the corner every time he comes in to my bakery to ask if I have made a certain something that he likes. I have repeatedly told him that, "no sir, unfortunately we have discontinued that item." But no, this one is a go-getter and just won't give up. Now I am a baker, hiding in the back, in my little corner baking away and well, thats my "me" time, my personal space. Its like being in a happy little bubble and this guy comes in all sweaty from lord-knows-what bursting my bubble asking the same question that I always have to say no to. He can see the case, can see that this item isn't there. OOO...and his favorite new game...after asking me (again) he has now taken to putting a suggestion in the suggestion box. His plan is that if he just keeps asking and putting it in the suggestion box that I will be forced to start making them again...little does he know he is just fueling my anti-making-that-item fire. ha!

Ok so I am generally not a mean person, just don't peek at me and I will continue making the things you love!

Here is my little corner, with Barista Amelia posing with the eyeball cupcakes I made:

On a very happy note I have the best sister-in-law in the world. I just went to check my etsy store and she bought 2 items from me! I teared up a little, so i just wanted to say thanks Larissa, you made me day! Here she is with my beautiful nephew Micah (wearing the hat I made him!)...he just had a birthday! Happy birthday Micah!!


At 3:45 PM, Blogger Saskia said...

He kinda should sorta woulda loved her if he could've...
That's one of my favorite lines from a song! It's by the Lemonheads. Makes me think, make the peeker's things but add loads of lemons or peppers or something... hehehe. (I didn't say that)


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